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Jesse Cole

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Stephen Ippolito

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George Hornig

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Laura Moore

We are the Seed Lab.

The Seed Lab is a Consumer Impact Fund.


We focus on brands that can scale.


We only invest in companies that we believe can create positive impact for the world.


We invest in ranges from $50k to $5M.
Our goal is to invest in, help manage and grow consumer-facing businesses that are on the cutting-edge of culture. Businesses that operate on the cusp of cultural change present significant opportunities not only for impacting the world but also for generating profit. The way consumers receive information, make buying decisions and obtain their purchases are changing dramatically. The Seed Lab is positioned to invest intelligently into these powerful consumer trends.


Companies focused on the circular/closed loop economy, sustainable manufacturing, elimination of single-use plastic and innovations that make consumer products more environmentally-friendly.

Social / corporate governance:

Diversity + inclusion, anti-sexual harassment, racial basis and other training initiatives designed to make the workplace more equitable. We are investing in exciting small businesses led by a diverse group of founders.


Companies with the mission to bring efficient access to information, science and tools to help consumers learn and make better decisions. Online educational tools and at-home medical testing are examples.

The Story

The Seed Lab is an early-stage consumer venture capital fund based in New York City. In an age when investors have been obsessed with unicorns, we’re focused on realistic growth and valuations.  In a market where capital is seeking brands targeting Millennial and Gen-Z consumers, we’re organized around the values that matter most to these generations. In an era of uncertainty, we have the expert operating knowledge of three generations of founders steering the ship, and an extensive network of world-class service professionals in digital marketing, strategy, branding, social media, recruiting and other critical needs typically required by early stage firms. We call it Investing Re-Invented.

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Focus on Young Investors

At The Seed Lab we are committed to educating “early stage” investors about early stage investing. The largest inter-generational transfer of wealth in world history is upon us. Investing in the private markets like early stage venture capital shouldn’t be a magical mystery tour.

At The Seed Lab we are working with our young associates to design programs for Gen Z and Millennials who want to learn the ins and outs of early stage venture investing. This asset class offers valuable portfolio diversification but also affords the opportunity to help fund businesses which can change the world for the good while simultaneously generating good profits.

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